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The assembled and qualified products should be preserved as follows: 
1. The bearings are meticulously demagnetized and then cleaned by kerosene. After getting rid of the excess kerosene, the bearings are placed in a ventilated place and dried.
2. Anticorrosive oil or grease is adopted to process the bearings, so that the bearings will not rust within one year.
3. Multi-stage bearings and other bearings (medium- and small size) are firstly wrapped tightly with plastic film (made of polyethylene), and then wrapped closely with kraftpaper or polyethylene composite paper. The qualified certification is placed between them.
4. Large bearings (outside diameter is φ200-φ430) are swathed with two layer polyethylene films which are cut into strips with width 40mm. Their models are written on a paper glued to the surface of package. 
5. Extra large bearings are firstly wrapped with two layer polyethylene films and then swathed with gunnysack strips. The models can be seen on the gunnysack strips.
6. Inner package of bearings, which are to export, are in accordance with the contract.

External Package: 
1. Each set of multi-stage bearings is placed in a special plastic packing box and special identification is stuck to the external of the box. 
2. Multi-stage bearings, medium size bearings and small size bearings are packaged with our special carton. Vibration-absorptive materials are adopted inside the carton to protect the goods during the transportation and nylon strap is utilized to wind and fasten the carton (for 3-4 turns).
3. Large bearings are packaged with wooden case which is fastened by steel strip (winded for 3-4 turns). Inside the wooden case, there are vibration-absorptive materials and packaging list.
4. Extra large bearings can be packaged according to your requirements.
5. The bearings, which are to export abroad, are packaged according to the contract or the packaging standards.

To ensure that the products will not rust, the warehouse keeper should remove their seal, and wash, seal and pack the products again according to aforementioned rules when the products are placed in the warehouse for one year.

As a professional bearing manufacturer in China, we can produce many kinds of roller bearings, thrust bearings, slewing bearings and angular contact ball bearings, etc. 
Different packing methods are available to meet your needs. Your special requirement on package can also be satisfied.

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