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Horizontal Worm Gear Driven Slewing Drive of Heavy Series

1. Structure:Enclosed Housing
2. Material:Quality bearing Steel
3. Easy-to-Install and maintenance
4. Perfect after-sale service and Competitive Price
Product Details:

Horizontal worm gear driven slew drive of heavy series

Slewing drive of ordinary accuracy grade P3 is mainly used in fields such as engineering machinery,PV,etc, the occasion of which requires relatively high reliability but not so high transmission accuracy. 

SBI horizontal worm gear driven slewing drive can transmitt very high torque values in a very small size due to the high gear ratio and the large contact between  worm and worm gear.

SBI horizontal slewing drive is one of the most widely used products which can make objects in level or pitch rotation by different mounting method to meet customers’requirements.


1.High gear ratio 

2.High output torque in a very small size

3.The mounting dimension of the worm drive is designed according to customers’ requirements

4.The worm drives are very suitable for heavy duty machines

5.The size of the slewing drive ranges from 3 to 32 inches.


a.welding robot


c.Aerial platform or manlift

d.Container front carrier

e.Cutter and lifting crane,etc.

Supply capacity

We can supply customers with the worm gear driven slew drive in details and meet the customized requirements.

SBI Bearing now brings you horizontal worm gear driven slewing drive of heavy series made-in-China with low price. As a professional bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, we are also known as a famous brand in the world. With many products in stock, welcome to wholesale the customized bulk bearing from us.

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