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Dual Axis Worm Drive for Biaxial Tracking System in Concentrating Solar Power

1. Gearbox reduction ratios of 30:1 up to 156600:1
2. High Precision
3. Compact structure
4. 3000Nm to10000Nmof holding torque from 200Nm to 3700Nm of output torque
Product Details:

Dual axis worm gears for biaxial tracking system in concentrating solar power

SBI dual axis worm gears have a unique advantage in tracking sun. They help the solar tracking system to always follow the sun. As a combination of vertical and horizontal slewing drives, this product has the advantages both of them. It simplifies the structure of connection portion of surrounding components and reduce the cost of customers。

CSP tracking systems generate solar power by using mirrors or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight,or solar thermal energy,onto a small area.

Vertical and horizontal combined slew drive has the features as followings

1.It is specially designed and manufactured for the application in the solar energy including concentrated solar power. It drives tracker to rotate in azimuth and evaluation directions.

2.SBI worm drives have a input hole which can be connected with various motors。

3.High precision slewing drives ( accuracy grade:P1) are suitable for applications including small assembly robot joint positioner, rotary platform positioning mechanism of three-dimensional parking garage, low-speed radar tracking system.


1.concentrating solar power tracking

2.Tower solar power tracking system

3.Heliostats tracking system

Supply capability

We are planning to introduce new smart, automated production line. The production capacity will reached to 200 PCS per shift while the production line is completed.

SBI Bearing now brings you dual axis worm drive for biaxial tracking system in concentrating solar power made-in-China with low price. As a professional bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, we are also known as a famous brand in the world. With many products in stock, welcome to wholesale the customized bulk bearing from us.

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