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Dual Axis Worm Drive for Solar Power Tower Dual-axis Sun-tracking System

1. Rotation in two directions
2. Rich experience in design and manufacture of slewing drive
3. Material: Quality bearing Steel
4. Compact structure
Product Details:

Dual axis worm drive for solar tower power dual axis sun tracking system

Power Tower

Power Tower, also know as“central tower power” plants or “heliostat”power plants,capture and focus the sun’s thermal energy with thousands of tracking mirrors(called hemostats)in roughly a two square mile field. A tower resides in the center of the heliostat field. The heliostats focus concentrated sunlight on a receiver which sits on top of the tower.

Dual axis worm drives enable heliostat tracker to track the light and reflect the sunlight toward a set target。

Dual axis worm gears of accuracy grade P2 are perfect for situations requiring relative high transmission accuracy but low rotating speed, such as HCPV, Heliostats tracking bracket in CSP, welding and polishing robot joint and arm positioner, automotive engine assembly flip and positioning stand, building material and stone cutting machine,medical equipment.

SBI Bearing now brings you dual axis worm drive for solar power tower dual-axis sun-tracking system made-in-China with low price. As a professional bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, we are also known as a famous brand in the world. With many products in stock, welcome to wholesale the customized bulk bearing from us.

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