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Dual Axis Worm Gears For Azimuth–evaluation Dual Axis In Dish Solar

1. Minimizing the angle of incidence between the incoming light and tracker
2. Increasing energy production
3. High effective-cost
4. 5-8 teeth contact enabling high holding capacity
Product Details:

Dual axis worm gears for azimuth-evaluation biaxial in dish solar

Dual-axis slew drives rotate around two separate axes independently simultaneously. These products can hold large loads with a wide range of movement. The dual-axis gear reducer is a dual positioner that can be mounted on a combination of axes to offer a full range of movement.

Dish designs 

CSP-stirling is known to have the highest efficiency of all solar technologies. A dish stirling system uses a large, reflective, parabolic dish. In dish solar thermal power, dual-axis slew drives is used to drive axes rotate in all directions。Our dual axis slew drive is suitable for dish-engine solar tracking system of level and pitching structure.

We also provide horizontal slew drive for dish solar tracking system of polar-axis structure.


1.precision slewing drive(P2 grade)with tracking accuracy up 0.05°or higher,it can offer high efficiency.

2.Simplified and compact structure, easy to install and maintenance

3.Precise three-dimension positioning

4.efficient and reliable solutions for dish type solar power generation


The most common slew drive applications for dual-axis slewing drives include dual-axis solar trackers, such as heliostats and CPV, satellite or radar dishes, etc.

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