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Slewing Drive for Fresnel Solar Power Tracking System

1. Completely protect from dust,dirt,sand and water
2. The smartest and most reliable slew drive
3. ISO 9001 REACH certification
4. All raw materials,components and final assemblies meeting GB and SIO standards
5. Tracking accuracy up to 0.01°
Product Details:

Slewing drive for Fresnel solar power tracking system

Fresnel solar power uses a linear Fresnel reflector which is a series of long, narrow, and shallow-curvature mirrors to focus light onto one or more linear receivers positioned above the mirrors. It requires compact structure and high tracking precision. Dual to the smaller volume and higher output torque, our vertical slewing drive and horizontal slewing drive are best choice for them. We cooperate with our customers and learn their specific requirements and help them to design special solutions and services for various tracking systems.


1.Our vertical slew drive and horizontal slew drive are widely used in solar-thermal power in America and Israel.

2.High precision tracking system for heat conduction oil and high efficiency

3.Compact structure and successfully solving the problem of rotating two objects


a.Fresnel tracking system

b.CSP tracking system

c.Fresnel molten-salt modules

Supply capacity

The slewing drives of this grade in quantity of 50000 sets have been adopted by Pv solar tracking.At present,200 sets are produced per shift.

SBI Bearing now brings you slewing drive for fresnel solar power tracking system made-in-China with low price. As a professional bearing manufacturer and supplier in China, we are also known as a famous brand in the world. With many products in stock, welcome to wholesale the customized bulk bearing from us.

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