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Cylindrical Roller/ball Combined Slewing Bearings without Gear

Product Details:

Cylindrical roller /ball combination slewing bearing without gear

Ball/roller combination slewing bearing is composed of outer seat-ring, inner ring,ball and roller. The ball and roller are respectively on a horizontal line rollway of outer ring and arc rollway of inner ring. The rollers hold axial moment load and the balls hold radial moment load,while both of them hold torque moment.

Non-geared combined roller/ball slewing bearing has no gear in inner ring and outer ring. The main object is connected with the inner ring and the outer ring rotates.


1.Combined of roller and ball, the bearing benefits from roller bearing and ball bearing

2.Suitable for situations requiring relative high speed and high Precision rotation.

3.Ball diameters from 25 to 80 mm,roller diameters up to 100mm

4.Standard series with outsider diameters more than 6000mm


Bulk material handling

Stacker reclaimers

Bucket wheel excavator

Machine tools

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